Feedback & Complaints

Feedback & Complaints

We aim to provide best customer service and satisfaction to all our clients and in order to monitor and  ensure the same level of excellent service is maintained at all times we would love to take note of any feedback positive or constructive. Any recommendations will also be looked at and where possible implemented.

In the unlikely event of service being unsatisfactory , we also have a complaints handling department and our complaints procedure is as below.

Gatwick Minibuses Ltd Complaints Policy


1 Introduction
2 Our aim
3 How to complain & to whom
4 Investigation
5 Results of Investigation


At Gatwick Minibuses Ltd we take pride in our performance. Our passenger transport service caters for a huge variety of clients throughout the UK. Our clients range from the corporate sector to family trips and from weddings to major sporting events. We also work with local government councils providing transport for a whole range of children with a variety of needs.

There will always be a conscious effort on our part to run a smooth & efficient day to day operation whoever the clients however from time to time as with any service industry working one to one with the public , there will be a lapse in service or an unavoidable eventuality.

Here at Gatwick Minibuses Ltd we take our clients reservations/complaints very seriously and aim to not only resolve any undesirable issues or experiences our clients may have unfortunately experienced but also use this as a learning exercise to improve our services in future.

Our aim:

We are committed to delivering impeccable service & part of this includes dealing with complaints in a serious & efficient manner. We aim to acknowledge receipt of complaint within 24 hours of initially receiving it. Thereafter depending upon the severity of the matter an investigation may be launched by one of the managers. There will be further communication within five working days and should the matter still need further investigation , a regular update will be implemented until the issue is resolved. Regardless of how minor the incident reported , we will get a written incident report from the concerned employee/employees & will have this on file on our records.

How to complain & to whom:

Anyone directly or indirectly affected by our transport service operations is eligible to make a complaint. There are a number of avenues that can be used to initiate a complaint :

By phone on: 01293 227722 , 0208 111 1177 (Manager , Mr F Mirza)

Mobile (MD , Mr K Mirza): 07878377212 (only contact if none of the above can be contacted)

By email : (Manager , Mr F Mirza)


So after the initial response from our company within 24 hours if there is no conclusion to the matter then an investigation shall be launched by one of the managers. The concerned party from our company be it a driver , office staff , or an escort (school children helper) will be required to submit in writing an incident report and their version of the case in hand. In some rare but very serious cases the involved staff members may also be temporarily suspended from duty until clarity on their role ca be made regarding a specific incident or complaint.

The complainant may also be asked to submit his/her version of events along with any evidences. A cross examination & verbal account from both parties may be required and upon conclusion the complainant will be offered a resolution to the matter. Should any staff of our organisation be found to be under delivering our service standards then they will be reprimanded according to the severity of their shortcomings.

Results of Investigation:

Upon the conclusion of investigation and correspondence with complainant , we will not only file the incident in our records for future cross referencing but also use. We will try our level best to carry out any investigations transparently and in an unbiased manner.